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Cougar Dome New Tennis Programs


Cougar Dome New Tennis Programs

TEAM TENNIS LEAGUE (Starting Friday September 22nd)

Concept :

The minor league is a tennis program that provides participants with the opportunity to combine practice and play, with a focus on skill development through match play. Games are played using the Kid’s Tennis format, which includes appropriate equipment (based on age and skill level) with corresponding court sizes.

The minor league is structured in four divisions, which are:

(1) Red Ball, ½ Court (ages 5-6)

(2) Orange Ball, ¾ Court (recommended ages 7-9)

(3) Green Ball, Full Court (ages 9-10)

(4) Green or Regular Ball Full Court (recommended ages 11+)

Players are placed on teams in a manner that ensures teams are of similar strength and the format ensures that players play matches against others of similar ability. Scores are kept and the results are counted towards a team’s overall score to ensure that every participant’s efforts are rewarded.

The ultimate goal for long term success of the league is to have a league that include all four of these divisions,

Each divisions = 16 kids

Cost for 11 weeks : $100 (HST not included)



Concept :

This is a perfect program for those who wants to learn tennis with their kids. This is a 4 week session on Thursday nights. The way the program is structured allows the parents to play together, to play with their kids and the other kids as well. A very interesting program for families!

Cost for 4 weeks (one hour per week) : $90 (HST not included, includes Parent and child)


HIGH SCHOOL TRAINING (Tuesday and Thursday - After school)

Concept :

This is serious training for our 14+ kids! The trainings are designed to prepare the students for local, regional, provincial and national competition. The program will be lead by Francis Charest, our Head Tennis Professional and François Giguère, Facility Manager/Tennis Director. 3 hours of training per week.

Note : The students most be evaluated before been accepted in that program

Cost for 4 weeks (3 hours per week) : $120 (HST not included)

See our complete schedule below:

September 2017 Program Schedule.pdf